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As a U.S. Olympic Rower in the 1988 Olympic Games and a silver medalist in the 1987 World Championships, CrisMarie has intimate knowledge of what makes a championship team versus simply a boat of champions. This knowledge carried her through her engineering career as a flight test engineer for Boeing’s 777 airplane, and helped her pioneer changes in the way Boeing builds airplanes through cross-functional teamwork.

Moving from engineering to business, she earned an M.B.A., and worked as a manager at Andersen Consulting where she was able to help leadership teams develop business strategies and processes to implement large-scale changes in organizations. With her strong leadership skills she guided teams through tough, turbulent, necessary and ultimately successful change. She provided insight and guidance to leaders as they moved their entire organizations through these changes, paying particular attention to how to embed them effectively throughout the company.

In the late nineties CrisMarie and Susan Clarke, M.A.B.S., teamed up to create Thrive! Inc., a management consulting firm, focused on helping leaders, teams and organizations thrive and produce extraordinary results. In 2004, they were invited to become one of the original Table Group Consulting Partners.

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