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Bring more of who you are to everything you do to create the results you want.


When I attempt to write a biography about myself, I tend to get a bit tangled up.

“Who’s my audience? What do they need me to be?” asks the chameleon in me.

As I have matured, I have learned that I am a union of strength, discipline and competitiveness; professionalism, education and business savvy; and intuition, emotions, and creativity. Each one of these areas was my leading edge for some period in my life. However, when something is a leading edge for any length of time, it tends to get rounded out from wear, tear, and experience. Thankfully, after all this time, I can no longer deny any part of myself: All of them have now become an integrated part of who I truly am.

As an athlete in college, I tried out for the crew team with 110 other women and my strength, discipline and competitiveness were my leading edge. Realizing only eight of us would make the racing team, I quickly figured out how to advance, despite my small stature. Knowing I wasn’t built for rowing, I asked for help and made up the difference by leveraging my strength and coordination skills. Six years later, I was at the Opening Ceremonies of the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul Korea as a rower for Team USA. I was also on the team that won a silver medal, beating the Russians in 1987 at the World Championships. I learned that nothing is ever impossible, and what we create together is always more powerful than what we can do alone.

My professionalism, education, and business savvy have led me prominently throughout my career. I started in banking, moved into engineering at Boeing on the 777 and then worked at a top five consulting firm. I mastered the art of facilitating tough discussions in the boardroom and helping leaders and teams accomplish more together than they ever could alone. In 2002, Susan Clarke and I started our own consulting and coaching firm, thrive! inc. Our sweet spot is helping teams utilize the collective horsepower gathered around the table to navigate and leverage individual differences, allowing organizations make the leap of innovation, ultimately creating results beyond those imagined…priceless.

To further round out the edges of my various strengths, my personal journey has been focused on nurturing my intuitive, emotional and creative side. I believe our emotions and body provide us with access to our intuitive wisdom, deep creativity, and offer us a road-map that leads to our best work and life if we choose to take the journey. Pretending that we don’t feel what we feel leads us to take roads that wear us down versus build us up. Today, I use my emotions for good in charting my own life through acting, writing and coaching people to find their right path and bring more of their whole true selves to their work, relationships and lives through Inspire! Play! Create!.

I can no longer be a chameleon and for that I am thankful. Today, I simply step out as me with all of myself bringing a unique, diverse, and rich perspective to life and business. I am not interested in hiding. I am the good, the bad, and the beautiful of all that is above. Tapping into the “all of me” informs how I work with teams, leaders and organizations as well as individuals and couples. With this wholeness, I offer others an energy, clarity, and wisdom to forward themselves in their work and lives to create what they truly want.

Other exciting bits: I have discovered acting at my Whitefish, MT community theater Whitefish Theater Company and Stumptown Players and love it! I have become a regular contributor to our local women’s 406 Magazine. I teach at both The Haven Institute and Martha Beck Inc. I feel very blessed and look forward to more unfolding.




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